There are several films about Czesław Czapliński and his work: „Opening by Czeslaw Czaplinski in National Gallery Zacheta in Warsaw” (TVP, 1989 dir. Nina Terentiew), „ Photographer” (TVP, 2007), „Faces”, „Face to Face” (TVP 1993, dir. Natalia Koryncka), „ The Aristocrat of Flowers”, „Black and White in Color” (TVP, dir. Filip Chodzewicz).

Today, he makes documentary films which include: „Collector” (Copernicus Award - Gold 2012), "Artists of business: prof. Henryk Skarzynski" (Studio Autograf, 2004), „ Life as a fairy tale”, „The optimist in spite of himself”. "FANGOR The First 90 Years" (2012), "40 Years Asia and Pacific Museum in Warsaw " (2012), "Chinese Avenue and Chinese Garden at The Royal Lazienki in Warsaw" (2014) and "Wizard of The Royal Lazienki in Warsaw" (Copernicus Award - Gold 2014).